One of the three primary cities of Archea. Located on the Southwest coast, at the crossing point of the Merchant’s Road and the White River.

Population: 4,000
Government: Mayor Lady Moonfire. Part of the Archean Triumvirate.
Commerce: Merchants make basic supplies readily available, though exotic goods and services are harder to find.
Economy: Primarily a port city, the main economic focus of Summerhaven is their trade with the other cities of Archea and Armus, a neighboring island.
Defense: Summerhaven has roughly thirty employed guards defending the town’s walls.

Places of Interest:

Inns and Taverns
The Drunken Flagon – Tavern & Inn
Dwarven Ale – Tavern

Shops and Merchandise
The Apocathery (Potions)
Starra’s Knives
Gladrell’s Fine Clothing
The Black Hammer (Weapon and Armor Smith)
Garwan’s Curiosities (Pawn Shop)
Summerhaven General (General Store)

Market Square (Traveling Merchants)
Patrol Headquarters
The Temple
The Docks
Tenements and Homes


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