You have begun this journey on the island Archea, one of the larger islands in the realm of Ellysia.


After the Purge, Archea was one of the first islands to become civilized. Though dotted with small villages and hamlets, three cities rose to power on Archea after the peaceful rebellion. These cities are:


The cities live in relative peace and harmony. They are each ruled by a mayor, and the three mayors form the Triumvirate. This Triumvirate meets quarterly in Kulrich, privately, to discuss political and economic matters for the whole of Archea.

Each of these cities has their own private militia. If the need ever arises, they convene together to form the Archean Army, but this has not happened since the Peaceful Rebellion at the foundation of the New Age.


The heart of Archea is a vast countryside of rolling plains. The Archean Sea sits in the middle of the island—a vast lake lake with many rivers pouring from its shores through Archea, leading to the ocean.

The Archaen Mountains hug the northwestern coastline, rolling their way into the Sea. Just north of the mountains, on the shore, lies Ashvale.

The Dire Wood is a dark blemish on the southwest corner of Archea, one day’s journey north of Summerhaven. The Wood is considered to be cursed, and it is a taboo to speak about for most travelers. It is the only portion of the island that was never even reached during the Peaceful Rebellion. No one knows what creatures live in the Dire Wood, though merchants traveling on the Western Road claim to hear whispers, and occasionally screams, emanating from the black forests.

The Golden Plains take up nearly a third of Archea—the entire southeast portion of the island nation. The plains are dotted with small villages—people who, for whatever reason, refuse to settle in any of the three primary Archean cities. It is also home to a number of ruins from the Age before the Peaceful Rebellion and before the Purge. Old towers, ancient labyrinths beneath the ground, dark caves hidden in the hills, and even entirely abandoned ancient villages which the countrymen refuse to settle due to their superstitions.

The Northeastern corner of Archea, near Kulrich, is a much more varied landscape with deep valleys, scattered woods, and a few mountains along the northernmost coast.


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