Lady Moonfire

The Mayor of Summerhaven.


So it was written, and so it came to pass, that in the twelfth day of the second month of the seventy-second year of the New Age, that Lady Almora Moonfire was instated as the Mayor of Summerhaven, succeeding Tobias Smarling, the elf, after his bitter death during the Goblin Raid that Winter--the youngest Mayor in the town's history, receiving her position at only twenty-seven years of age.

- The Town of Summerhaven, Chapter 14

A friendly Warlock, the half-elf Lady Moonfire has been governing Summerhaven for the past eight years. She is well-liked among the community, but recently people have been getting anxious as recent mishaps around town seem to be going unnoticed. A handful of people have disappeared, and Lady Moonfire’s apparent negligence seems suspicious—but then again, she has recently been quite busy preparing for the quarterly meeting of the Triumvirate.

Lady Moonfire

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