Hello, all!

To all of you who played with our group last semester, welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your first experiences with Dungeons and Dragons (at least, at Biola!) and that you have been looking forward to us picking it back up this semester! To any of you who are joining for the first time: welcome! If you’ve played D&D before, then you know what great fun it is, and if you haven’t, then you’re in for a ride!

It has been quite a while since our last session, and since the players in our party are changing, I am going to take the most systematic and formal approach that I can with this email by breaking it up into parts and addressing everything that must be mentioned before we start up again. If you were around last semester then you have already seen most (if not all) of this information, but you may appreciate the recap!

  1. The World of Ellysia
  2. Playing Dungeons and Dragons
    1. Building a Character in Dungeons and Dragons
  3. Places
    1. Archea
      1. Summerhaven
      2. Ashvale
      3. Kulrich
  4. People
    1. The Players
    2. The NPCs

Old Campaign